Mozilla Development Explained: How Do I Report Bugs in Firefox?

Peter M. Weilbacher

About myself

"Mozilla": Different products

Mozilla perspective from OS/2 point of view:

Also: Camino and several webtools hosted on, and other programs, e.g. Songbird, not (yet) available on OS/2.

Development in Branches

(Taken from Chris Beard's blog, dates are now obsolete!)

Source code complexity

From the "trunk" source tree on my disk (no Thunderbird, Calendar):

People involved

People involved in Mozilla OS/2 development:

My perspective, I hope I didn't miss anyone, a lot happens on IRC (unseen by me)!

Fixing a bug

Developer's responsibility:

Reporting a bug

User's responsibility:

Other help channels

Many bugs and usage questions are not OS/2 specific. Where else to get competent help?

Upcoming big changes

Changes to come with possible (or already known) impact on Mozilla-OS/2 development: