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About the event site

Well, ehh. . . thanks for your interest in this topic, but there is not much to tell about it to be honest. The design was adopted from a freely available open-source design at OSWD with some minor changes. This was done by Thomas Klein, as well as nearly all of the content and artwork. Later, Roderick Klein joined and the site became finally and officially hosted at the Mensys webserver.
If you came here by following the link, you might have noticed the redirection that happened. The reason behind that is that I didn't really expect my eurid application for to be approved. But to my surprise it was. Now the domain is attached to a powerful, yet restrictive hosting service. Actually, the website could be run there just fine with lots of gimmicks and stuff (cms, forum, egroupware...), but (sigh) as the machines are running Linux, we agreed to give the .eu domain a redirection to make it run on an OS/2 Warp server.
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