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Updates We've got one room more on Saturday and Sunday!

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What, where and when...

We have reserved 4 rooms (1 large, 1 medium, 2 small) which are all on the same floor and quite close to each other - for details, take a look on the rooms page. Form the part of the youth hostel, the rooms will be open from 8:00 until 24:00 (which means from 8am until midnight).
On saturday and Sunday we'll have even one room more which enables us to raise the amount of sessions to choose from when you attend the show either one of these days. Sorry we didn't manage to get a room for Friday, but all was taken already by some other events or meetings at the Youth Hostel.


Starting on September 12th, we have published a "wishlist" for the 2006 event. Now what the heck can that be? I hear you say... Simply speaking, it's a compilation of suggestions for sessions that you (the visitors) would like to see at Warpstock Europe. Feel free to tell us what you want to see at Warpstock Europe this year. Besides helping us in looking around for suitable speakers, our intention with that wishlist is, that someone here hopefully might feel able to get up and say "I can do that!".
Should you feel tempted to take over a session on a topic mentioned here, contact us!