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Feeling 'warpstocked' yet? Then get in contact with us and become part of the party.

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Supporting the 2006 event ...can be done in multiple ways. We welcome each and everyone to help and to bring in his passion for OS/2 and eComStation to make this event (one of) the best Warpstock Europe ever. But note that we sometimes simply need to say "No." This doesn't mean that we don't appreciate your efforts and/or ideas, but that we simply either lack the organisation means or legal rights to do something. . . anyway, here is what you can do:
  • Commercial exhibitors:
    What would we all do without companies still flying the OS/2 flag? You are more than welcome to show your products or services at Warpstock Europe. Note however, that any kind of advertising within the youth hostel and its surroundings is only allowed in the Warpstock event area. Besides that limitation, feel free to do as you please and tell us what you need.
  • Developers:
    Without you, OS/2 would be as 'dead' as some people keep telling us for years and eComStation wouldn't have had any future right from the start. Or like Ballmer said: "We need developers, developers, developers...":-). Well then, tell us what you're willing and able to do this year at Cologne (Presentations? Workshops? A booth for you?) and we'll do our best.
  • User groups:
    As all previous Warpstock events have shown, the user group area is the most visited one. Take the Warpstock Europe show as a unique occasion for a cease-fire from whatever struggle you're going through (and we all know there are...). The users (and not only 'yours'...) will welcome it and will get a stronger faith into the future than if the only news they get from you is bad news. :-)
  • Users:
    For you, supporting the event is the most easy: Just come here! We're doing this only for you after all! Why not take the incredible occasion to meet developers in person—even if it's just to see what they look like "in the wild." ;-) All of them will appreciate your feedback (really!) and if time allows, they'll even take care of your very special problems, suggestions or needs. Warpstock events are the only places that will make it possible.
  • Individuals:
    Wanna help us? Great! Start by registering your ticket! :-) Okay, now seriously: Start by downloading your preferred size of the official banner graphics and put that on your website. No site to add the banner to? Spread the word!
    If you want to personally help at the event site or want to sacrifice your video beamer—great too! But hold on while we are organizing for the event site staff. We cannot say YES to everyone without checking what we actually need. ;-) You're however more than welcome to send a note telling us that we can count on you for... well, you tell us.