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Remember The youth hostel is the cheapest and closest place to stay for the event.

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At the youth hostel Note: You do not have to be member of any youth hostel foundation or group in order to be entitled to accomodate at the hostel! All you need is a ticket from us (or being a speaker/helper).
Just make sure you mention "Warpstock Europe" somehow in your booking request.

If you don't require a wealth of comfort just to sleep between the event days, the most practical place to stay at is the youth hostel. All rooms have ensuite shower and toilet. You can choose among single bed rooms, double bed rooms or dormitories with 3 to 6 beds. The more beds are in the room, the cheaper they are each:
Prices are per night, per person
  • In 3-6 dormitories: 22.50 €
  • In double bed room: 27.80 €
  • in single bed room: 34.30 €
These prices include the sheets as well as breakfast - with the latter usually being organized as buffet-style with all you want to choose from. If you decide to stay at the Youth Hostel, remember to care for the booking yourself! Check the youth hostels homepage for their fax/phone number or e-mail adress.

Reservations with the Youth Hostel...

As the first visitors experiences have shown, the youth hostel does not make reservations by e-mail:
They require a signed contract for the reservation. Of course you still can request the reservation by e-mail, but the rest is done differently: The youth hostel will fax (or snail-mail) you the prepared reservation form. Once signed, you then fax or mail the form back to them. So better be prepared to have a fax machine at hand if you want a speedier process...
Also, try to mention "Warpstock Europe" somewhere in your first request. If you want to be on the safe side, you can also mention Resnr.: 34235, Kdnr.: 2011370 which is our reservation and customer ID for the event (note: you will receive a different 'Resnr.' and 'Kdnr.' for your own room booking afterwards). If they still tell you that you need to be a Youth Hostel Foundation member, well... -SIGH- simply ignore it: It seems they use templates for responding in foreign languages which incorporate that paragraph. In case you are unable to arrange with the YH because of any questions, problems or language issues our visitors and travellers contact will assist you.

From what we know so far, the Youth Hostel seems to require non-members that reserve a room to pay in advance via money transfer or credit card (Visa and Mastercard are accepted). We are sorry for any inconvenience that may cause you, but we can't do anything about this.

Meals onsite at the Youth Hostel

Those who stay at the Youth Hostel will have breakfast included in the room/bed price. The breakfast is done as a buffet with different types of bread, marmelade/jams, cold-cut meats, cheese, muesli and coffee/tea to choose from. Perhaps they serve eggs as well. I guess that's called 'continental' style compared to what we know as an English or French breakfast. :-)
The lunch and dinner will cost 5 € each and needs to be paid before - either at the reception or the Warpstock Europe registration when you get your ticket. The latter is preferred so we can announce the amount of people in advance (and pass them along the money - we don't keep a commission!).

The lunch will be a 'warm' meal with alternate vegetarian meal. The dinner instead will be made of a buffet with breads, cold-cut meats, cheese and perhaps warm side dish and salads. We wanted to have both meals (lunch and dinner) as warm meals but we were told that this would mean two identical meals a day! (Seems like the kitchen staff is unable to do different warm meals twice a day). We're sorry but this is out of our control and unfortunately, they told us VERY late (on November 8th!)

What does that mean to you?
The organisers have agreed that most people prefer a warm lunch. Those who also have dinner at the Youth Hostel most likely won't like to see the same food again in the evening like they had for lunch... and thus the choices are to go have dinner in town (or outside, close to the Youth Hostel) or to have a "German" dinner with bread.
Luckily, we didn't collect the money for the meals but only the reservations! This means that if you don't want to have dinner although you have reserved, simply tell so at the Warpstock Europe desk!
We're terribly sorry for any disappointments and inconveniences this will cause, but please understand that we're not too blame for these people telling us these kinds of things ONE WEEK before the event starts when we had first talks with them in FEBRUARY 2006!
Now we know: The youth hostel not only isn't a hotel, but they aren't a restaurant either.
Other places to stay... With 22500 beds in over 250 hotels, Cologne offers a whole lot of places to stay - not even counting the boarding houses or bed & breakfasts. So if the hostel is not for you, you will certainly find something you like, especially as the FIFA WorldCup games will be long ago and TradeFairs or other large events won't happen during Warpstock Europe time.

The big problem when not staying at the youth hostel is to find a place to start the search (if you are not already tuned into a certain hotel company like Holiday Inn, Best Western, NH hotels, etc.).
To give you a quick start, we have prepared a few links. Note that as of the time of writing, there are no special offers or agreements arranged that would entitle you for a rebate in any of these places!