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Credits The news module was created by Robert Henschel. Thanks, Robert!

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Get event news automatically

Just like in Dresden 2005, this years Warpstock Europe comes with its own News module plugin for Doodle's ScreenSaver. The news module automatically fetches the current contents of a file which is located on the Mensys server that also hosts this website. Along with a (hopefully) nice picture, it then displays the stuff on your machine. This will look approximately like this:


The package contains a standalone version of the Module which incorporates a ScreenSaver "runtime engine". This is the .exe file. It doesn't require you to have Doodle's ScreenSaver installed.
However, if you already have Doodle's ScreenSaver on your machine or you want to give it a try (which I recommend!), you just need to copy the .dll file into the ScreenSaver's modules directory - it will then be displayed in the modules list for selection.


Each time it is launched, the module will fetch news from the event website - which means: It will try to establish a connection to the internet without further notice. Depending on your ISP's terms and tarrifs and your connection settings, this might result in cost!
The module was tested in screen resolutions of 800x600, 1024x786 and 1280x1024. Please note that the minimum resolution for a neat display is 800x600 (which also is the optimal resolution) but basically it works with other screen resolutions as well. The picture included in the module is a 24-bit OS/2 bitmap. So you should have a color depth of 65k colors at least for a "nice" look...

Here we go

Doodle's ScreenSaver (version 1.7) can be retrieved from the Hobbes website via the search function using the the following link:

The news module package (with standalone executable and module dll) is located on the server:
Of course it contains a readme file with additional information...

The Cairo Graphics Library for OS/2 can also be downloaded from the Netlabs project page:
Note that if you want to use the Warpstock Europe 2006 news module only, you don't need to download and install the library. However, in order to enjoy the full features of Doodle's ScreenSaver and its modules, I recommend you to get it...

News module support, FAQ

As soon as we are aware of any trouble with the module, we'll post it here and (hopefully) tell you the remedies for it. Until then, feel free to contact us.