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Pardon? A wishlist?

Yeah, why not? It's your event after all. It should be only fair to ask you what you want to see there, right? While we are busy finding speakers with topics that we think are interesting, some kind of topic might have slipped our attention. Who knows? Perhaps you!
The following is a list of suggestions we have already received. If there's something else you want to see at Warpstock Europe, let us know. We can't promise to satisfy your needs, but be assured that we take this for serious and do what we can to give it a try. Plase note that possible speakers should be allowed a reasonable amount of time for preparing a session - and therefore, we'll stop the call for speakers on November 1st.

And after the event?

If your suggestion didn't turn out to make it into a session for this years event: We're sorry. Nevertheless, Warpstock Europe will have a successor, and you should keep on suggesting. We will make sure that the next event team will receive the suggestions mentioned here to take care of holding on to what you want.

The wishlist

Note: This is added here without any censorship by us. Some of the suggestions might be better suited for a developers conference, others might be good candidates for articles... anyway: This is what people have suggested during the preparations for Warpstock Europe 2006.
  • "Theseus" -- learning to use Theseus to understand memory utilization and resource use in OS/2 and eCS.
  • "The Workplace Shell" -- perhaps two sessions, one on extending the WPS by programming in Rexx and/or C using IDL, and one on the "organization" of the WPS.
  • "Device Driver Development" -- perhaps one beginner's and one advanced session.
  • "Secure Internet Access" -- would cover WEP, WPA, VPN, SSH etc.
  • "Advanced PM Programming" -- self-explanatory topic.
  • "Debugging Applications Using ICAT and Other Tools"
  • "Understanding the OS/2/eCS Kernel"
  • "Porting Unix and Linux Applications to OS/2"
  • "Customizing the Installation of OS/2 and eCS through Use of the Response File"