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Rooms info Public wireless LAN uses channels 1, 6 and 11. Both common speeds of 11Mbit and 54MBit are supported.

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Youth Hostel ground floor plan This is the plan of the ground floor of the Cologne Youth Hostel.

Green: YH reception
Red: Refectories, Bar
Cyan: Restrooms (WC)
Yellow: meeting rooms

Room size/capacity:
Köln: 170 m² (∼203 yd²)
up to 220 persons

Riehl: 91 m² (∼108 yd²)
up to 100 persons

Weidenpesch: 44 m² (∼52 yd²)
up to 25 persons

Mauenheim: 44 m² (∼52 yd²)
up to 25 persons

Kalk: 36 m² (∼43 yd²)
up to 25 persons

If you're wondering about the room names: They were derived from the names of Cologne town districts...

About the rooms

Of course we didn't need to reserve all of the 13 available meetings rooms of the Youth Hostel. And that's why there are pale yellow rooms: These are not "ours". The other five ones of the ground floor are. They'll be used for sessions and also one of these rooms will accomodate user groups, authors and commercial exhibitors - most likely, this will be Riehl.

As you see, our rooms are all on the same floor (the ground floor to be exact) and are also quite close to each other. This means: No stairs or long walks between sessions. :-)

Please note that Mauenheim was booked after we found out that we had more sessions to offer than would fit in our schedule. Therefore we tried to get another room to be able to offer you more content to choose from (for the same money!). Mauenheim is only available to us on Saturday and Sunday.

Capacity and seat arrangement

The capacities shown above are for auditorium-style arrangement of seats and were taken from the Youth Hostels conference service. I am pretty sure that they have calculated with lots of space in reserve as my impression onsite was, that there's far more capacity available in each of the rooms than what they have figured out.
In the session room Kalk we'll also supply desks as it might be possible that we're gonna have a "programming class" that wants to to live programming on their own machines.

Public network access

...will be available by Wireless LAN. The access points will support 11 MBit/s and 54 MBit/s, operating on the channels #1, #6 and #11. We will use WEP encryption to have SOME security feature at least. The Key / passphrase is printed on the back of your entry ticket.
Wired LAN is only available for user groups, exhibitors and staff, as this might run us into... well, some kind of trouble. However, if you are in need for that, just ask around the user groups room or talk to the staff members. There's no internet cafe and I guess you won't like to use the Youth Hostels Windows + IE based Internet Terminal that works with Euro coins... right? :-)