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Imagine Warpstock Europe with no speakers and you'll understand what makes up a great event: People. People that have something to tell, people one can learn from and of course people that are great entertainers... :-) We're happy (and proud) to have gained these people to join the party and enlighten us with their valuable experience:

David Saville (GB)

Dave has been messing with computers for many more years than he cares to think about. Started, as it seems many OS/2 users did, with IBM Mainframes, having been MVS Systems programmer for years, it was MVS where he got his first exposure to REXX. He "speaks" Fortran, BAL (IBM Assembler), REXX, C, Perl & various *nix shell scripts and has a nodding acquaintance with several more languages. Been involved with user groups since MVS days. David has used OS/2 since 1993. Today all his intel systems run ECS. He has been on the UK OS/2 group committee for some years and presented at several of their meetings.
His main offering is ClipView together with several PMMail related REXX scripts, but recently he also started using Perl to accomplish specific server-based taks. His most recent project is involvement with the VOICE PMMail project.

sessions: APP01: The Clipview application suite  &  ALL04: Management and display of log files

Christian Hennecke (D)

...has been Editor-in-Chief of the German edition of the VOICE Newsletter since August 2000 and took over responsibility for both language editions in January 2004. He was heavily involved in the translation of several applications and tools to German, e.g., eComStation, XWorkplace, Maul Desktop Publisher, and NewView. Since August 2004 he is co-owner of point blank edv-beratung und service, which provides services like web design, translations, consulting, general computer services, and training for several platforms.

sessions: INT01: Writing for the IT press  &  INT06: Using Typo/3 (with Roland Schmalenberg)

Peter Koller (F)

Peter started his career by designing computers in the early 80's and started using OS/2 at version V2.10. He has been developing applications for this operating system since 1995. From 1997 onwards, he has concentrated his efforts on Maul Publisher, a professional-level desktop publishing application that is constantly being improved by Peter. Besides being one the last professional developers that make a living from creating OS/2 software, Peter is also the perfect guy to have a drink and talk with in the late hours of Warpstock...

sessions: APP02: Update on Maul Desktop Publisher

Chuck McKinnis (USA)

Chuck McKinnis retired from IBM in 1992 after 26 years as a systems engineer in large systems and communications. He has a private consulting practice and is the New Mexico Location Manager for Sirius Enterprise Systems Group, an IBM Premier Business Partner and largest IBM eServer reseller in the world. He is the author of the eCS Maintenance Tool, NICPAK, and a contirbutor to RexxAutoStart. He has been an OS/2 user since the beta days of 1989 and has programming experience with Rexx that goes back to the first release of Rexx by IBM.

sessions: APP03: eComStation Maintenance Tool  &  ALL01: OS/2 Problem Determination and Resolution

Jan van Wijk (NL)

Jan is working on OS/2 since 1988 and was hired by IBM to work on OS/2 1.0 Extended Edition for a few years. At a large bank, he worked on architecture, system integration and OS2 software development. In 2001 he founded Fsys Software to continue development of the DFSee utility and continues developing on OS/2 using C.

sessions: APP04: Exploring DFSee

Andreas Schnellbacher (D)

First preferring typewriters over computers, Andreas joined the scene in 1993 with an Atari ST. In '95, he started with Warp 3, having a great interest in creating TeX documents and enhancing LaTeX styles. The EPM editor was best-suited for that task. After having made some EPM macro changes, he felt the wish to release them. Christian Langanke contacted him in 2002 and they founded the NEPMD project. Since version 1.00, he works continuously on the sources, but with no further release, as yet.

sessions: APP05: Netlabs EPM Distribution

Peter Weilbacher (D)

Peter has been an OS/2 user since 1993. He followed the Mozilla project since about milestone 0.8 and since about two years he has a computer fast enough to compile the beast. Since then he contributed maybe 70 patches, mainly for the OS/2 port. He also ported the NVU Webeditor and since about a year he maintains his own line of enhanced Mozilla products for OS/2 under the "PmW" name. He is doing Astronomy for a living and currently works at the "Astrophysical Institute Potsdam" (near Berlin).

sessions: INT02: Mozilla Development Explained or How Do I Report Bugs in Firefox?

Evgeny Gorbunov (RUS)

Evgeny Gorbunov is responsible for the production of about thirty software products for the eComStation platform (applications and drivers). He is going to share the experience of the eCo Software team with european users and developers.

sessions: APP06: My eCS desktop  &  ALL02: Get ready for modern systems  &  ALL08: Community perspectives 2006-2008

Christian Langanke (D)

Christian Langanke now uses OS/2 for over fifteen years and since then dealt with topics from installation and software distribution via network integration of OS/2 systems and applications up to intra-/internet and host connectivity.
On his homepage he provides several self-created OS/2 and eComStation programs for free. He also is author of the Internet Assistant for OS/2 and eComStation and co-inventor of the Netlabs EPM Distribution.
Especially interesting for programmers may be his Workplace Shell Toolkit, hosted on, as well as the Netlabs Open Source Archive client and administrator packages, supporting the CVS services of

sessions: LAN01: WPA Security with Wireless LAN Monitor  &  ALL05: External command processors / Scripting your Workplace Shell the easy way

Jaroslav Kačer (CZ)

Jarda Kačer currently works as IT consultant for Devoteam, a French consultancy company. His main area of interest is JavaEE/JavaSE development. In the past, he worked as developer of portlets for the IBM WebSphere Portal. He also participated on implementation of IP television in Telefonica O2 Czech Republic. Now working on a billing mediation project in T-Mobile Czech Republic. OS/2 user since 1997. Used to teach C and Java at university.

sessions: DEV01: Version Control with Subversion

Roderick Klein (NL)

Roderick Klein has been working at Mensys for almost 5 years now. He started using OS/2 when the Warp 3 beta from IBM came out. Working on futher improving the IT infrastructure and providing support internally and to customers, he also works on eComStation development, support, research and new projects. He is president and liason officer of VOICE, and member of the dutch HCC OS/2 gg and its helpdesk.

sessions: ALL06: eComStation 2.0  &  APP07: Open Office 2.0 for eComStation

Thorolf Godawa (D)

Thorolf started in 1985 with hardware development and assembler programming on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, later on with a Sinclair QL (32-bit). In 1993 he got his first 386-compatible system and got in touch with DOS, Minix, Linux and since 1994/95 (after upgrading his PC to 8MB RAM) with IBM OS/2 Warp 3.
He worked several years as a system administrator for OS/2 networks at an IBM subsidiary. By now he is a freelancer for network and server technology, mostly based on Linux, no more OS/2 :-( , some MacOS X :-) and unfortunately also some Windows :-( . But he still uses OS/2 for his work, including a server with ACP2, clients with MCP2 and even eCS for testing. He is experienced in programming with REXX, Shell, PHP, Python and Java, administration and database development of Lotus Domino/Notes and some other interesting (Linux) software like Asterisk or Xen.

sessions: INT04: Installing an OAMP Server

Adrian Gschwend (CH)

Adrian Gschwend is founder and webmaster of To earn his living he works as a Unix and network security specialist and teaches network security courses in universities and companies in Switzerland.

sessions: ALL07: The voyager project  &  ALL08: The crux with the community

Alex Taylor (CDN)

Alex Taylor has been an OS/2 user (and sometime programmer) since 1998, when he was given a second-hand copy of OS/2 Warp 3. This soon led to a job working in OS/2 server and LAN support at the head office of a major Canadian insurance company. At the moment, he makes his living working on network storage support in a large IT outsourcing firm. Alex is currently a member of the eComStation Development Group, a team of volunteers who contribute to various aspects of eCS development; his projects include user interface customization, work on the installation process, and various utilities such as the Archive Viewer and Installation Volume Manager.

sessions: APP08: Creating Video DVDs  &  DEV03: Programming with the OS/2 Unicode APIs

Jacques van Leeuwen & Jan van der Heide (NL)

Jacques has retired from IBM National Language Support Center in Amsterdam, NL, and is member of the Dutch eComStation Test and Translation Group. Jan van der Heide is certified Systems Expert OS/2 Warp, HCC OS/2-gg member and also member of the Dutch eComStation Test and Translation Group.

sessions: ALL10: Translation in action

Henrik Heigl / The Team (D)

Henrik Heigl is Assurer of CA Cert and press officer for CAcert in the German-speaking area. As with other events throughout Germany, he will do the presentation about CAcert on this years Warpstock Europe. Henrik did this already for the Unix Security Days in Zweibrücken, the Linuxtag and Linuxinfotage in Chemnitz, Dresden and Pforzheim. Also he contributed in the organisation of booths at trade fairs. is a community driven Certificate Authority that issues certificates to the public for free. Certificates can be used to sign and/or encrypt your e-mail, identify web servers or even secure the transport of private data via public networks (aka VPN). CAcert's Assurance Program and Web of Trust allow you to have your identity verified to obtain added benefits, including longer length certificates and the ability to include your name on email certificates. Find more information in the CAcert FAQ.

sessions: INT07: CAcert Introduction and FAQ

Bart van Leeuwen (NL)

Bart van Leeuwen has been using OS/2 for more then 15 years. He worked briefly for IBM and then started his own company. Now Bart van Leeuwen works as a firefighter in Amsterdam and in his spare time contributes a lot to the development and coordination of the development of eComStation. Since 2.5 years he is the project manager for eComStation.

sessions: ALL09: eCUPS: The future of printing on eComStation

Michael Oehlhof (D)

Michael Oehlhof started to use OS/2 with Warp 3 Connect. Since 1999 he is a member of Team OS/2 Ruhr e.V. In 2005 Michael created an installation package for Apache, MySQL and PHP, called AMPOS2. With this package and some research work he got the Content Management System TYPO3 running on OS2.

sessions: DEV02: Programming in PASCAL using WDSibyl  &  INT05: Setting up a Typo/3 server (with Roland Schmalenberg)

Arne Blankerts (D)

Arne Blankerts is working as head of development at the Advertising Company SalesEmotion AdSolutions GmbH in Hamburg and responsible for the technical design and development of internet-based applications using PHP, XML and Mozilla XUL. He is a frequent writer for the german "PHP Magazin" and an active speaker on various (php-)conferences.

sessions: INT09: PHP

Roland Schmalenberg (D)

...joined the non-commercial use of OS/2 in 1996 with Warp 3 Connect together with the challenge to realize a web-site for a non-profit organisation.
Since 1998 he is a member of TeamOS/2 Koeln/Bonn e.V. and one of the founder of the ThinClient-Project using IBM 8364-S20 Netstations. In 2005 he focused together with Michael Oehlhof on "Getting TYPO3 for eComStation" to get this great Content Management System usable for our community.

sessions: INT05: Setting up a Typo/3 server (with Michael Oehlhof)  &  INT06: Using Typo/3 (with Christian Hennecke)

Robert Henschel (D) the founder of the OS/2 User Group Dresden, Germany. He is currently working at the Center for Information Services and High Performance Computer at the Dresden University of Technology, integrating high performance computing systems into the workflow of biologists.
Back in 1995, when buying a new computer, he chose Warp 3 over the long wait for Windows 95 and has not regretted ever since.

sessions: INT03: The OS/2-eComStation NewsSystem

Jan Lauer (D)

Jan Lauer is the founder and owner of Logic Consult GmbH, a well known and reputable IT-consulting company. He started his business in 1987 and was a planning, leading and crucial part of projects all over the world for customers like Salomon Brothers, IBM, Sun, Intel, Novell, Lufthansa, Deutsche Bank, Helvetia, Karstadt and Olympus to name only a few.
Amongst other things Logic Consult covers the implementation of network based technologies, preparation of studies for software development in conjunction with problem solving based on recurring paradigm shifts and offers Workshops for training and advanced training of persons and teams working in the information technology. Specialities are real network based computing, data- and software collaboration and the convergence of IT- and PBX-technologies.

sessions: APP09: PBX on eComStation

Wolfram Schmid (D)

Wolfram Schmid is developer of hardware and software for electronic systems. After his electronic education he began assembler programming for the intel 8085 microcontroller. Before and during his studies as computer-scientist he programmed using Turbo Pascal on a home-made Z80 CPM computer. Later on for DOS and Windows 3.x. He is self-employed and acting as a developer for PC-software and microcontroller hardware/software since 1993. At the same time he began to write software for OS/2 2.0. First with C, then with C++ and Virtual Pascal. Next to miscellaneous customer projects he developed OS/2-programms like PTime, DirDiff and LogView.

sessions: APP09: PBX on eComStation