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Info Sessions will last 45 minutes with 15-minute breaks between them.

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One thing we have agreed upon is that we try to arrange for more spare time during the event. As the opinion poll among Warpstock Europe 2005 visitors on has shown, approx. 66 percent of the visitors (!) complained that there was not enough time for chatting with colleagues - that's unacceptable. :-)

The session schedule

Hint: Use the session code hyperlinks to see what the session is about (pop-up info at mouse cursor) or click them to jump directly to the full session description!

  Friday Saturday Sunday
time Köln Weid. Kalk Köln Weid. Mau. Kalk Köln Weid. Mau. Kalk
Registration (08:30-09:45)
Köln: Opening (09:45-10:00)
Registration (09:00-10:00) Registration (09:00-10:00)
10:00-10:45 APP05 <free> ALL03 ALL01 APP08 DEV02 ALL10 APP09 APP08 DEV02 APP02
11:00-11:45 ALL09 INT04 APP01 ALL06 ALL03 INT02 APP07 INT09
12:00-12:45 APP07 ALL02 APP04 ALL09 INT05 ALL04 APP05 ALL05 DEV01
14:15-15:00 ALL01 INT03 ALL04 ALL07 INT06 APP04 APP02 LAN01 INT04 INT01 APP06
15:15-16:00 ALL06 INT08 APP03 ALL08 INT03 INT09 DEV03 ALL07 INT08 APP03 APP01
16:30-17:15 APP09 INT05 DEV01 LAN01 ALL02 Köln: Good-bye and welcome WSE2007!
17:30-18:15 ALL08 INT06 APP06 INT02 ALL05 INT01  
ver. 2006-Nov-07 (rev.#3)

Schedule change log

Changes since 2006-Nov-14:
The INT07 sessions (CACert) are cancelled! The gaps are filled with the sessions from the last slot on Sunday (APP07 and ALL03). This will free the entire last slot so we can move Sundays closing session to 16:30 - 17:15. The changes in detail are:
Sunday: chg: APP07 (OpenOffice 2.0) moved to 11:00 in room Mauenheim.
Sunday: chg: ALL03 (community perspectives 2006-2008) moved to Saturday 11:00 in room Weidenpesch.

Changes since 2006-Nov-07:
Friday: chg: APP01 (Clipview) and APP04 (DFSee) are now taking place in reverse order (see room Kalk).
Friday: add: ALL03 (Community perspectives 2006-2008 by Evgeny Gorbunov) in room Kalk at 10:00).
Sunday: add: ALL03 (Community perspectives 2006-2008 by Evgeny Gorbunov) in room Weidenpesch at 16:30).

Changes since 2006-Nov-06:
Saturday: chg: All04 (logfiles) and DEV02 (WDSibyl) are swapped.
Sunday: chg: APP03 (ecsmt) and APP02 (maul) are swapped.

The final "freeze" for the schedule is expected to take place on Monday, Nov. 13... until then, we try to change as little as possible with as little impact as possible. We are aware that lots of visitors have planned their trips based on the schedule data and we are sorry for any inconvenience this might cause you.